Custom products


The lighting industry is booming because of the increasingly widespread use of LED technology that allows the realization of innovative solutions that until a few years ago could only be imagined.

For this reason we decided to differentiate ourselves through innovative projects, dapted to the real needs of the customer, and investing in a division specializing in the development and manufacture of exclusive and tailor-made products, to meet all kinds of design and satisfy every request.

Lighting Needs

The main field of action, the most complex, but also one that gives us greater satisfaction as it allows us to express our full potential.

The input of the customer concerns only the final result, for this reason, in the event that none of the commercial products provides a suitable solution, we must design and implement a new project "tailored" to respond to the problem.






Adaptation of standard products

This case occurs when the customer decides to purchase for its project, one of the NEXO LUCE solutions in catalog, but with the need to change size or other parameters. Once again we have the opportunity to respond with ad hoc solutions.

Special design

Even when the buyer requires the construction of lamps on their specific shape or color outside standard, no pull back, because we are able to meet every need, offering innovative projects that aim to exceed all expectations.

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