Omnia G UN IN
Omnia G UN IN
Recessed & Wet Area
  • Circular recessed LED downlight
  • Aluminium body machined from solid in 6082 alloy with surface protection treatment and subsequent polyester powder paint resistant to corrosion, atmospheric conditions and salt spray
  • Brushed stainless steel frame AISI 316L
  • Thermal shock resistant tempered, extraclear, anti-glare safety glass with grinded edges
  • Plastic cable gland resistant to corrosion, atmospheric conditions and salt spray
  • Springs for ceiling installation
  • IP67 external power supply included
  • IP68 connector for the connection between projector and power supply included
  • Maximum permissible ambient temperature +35°C
  • The light source and power supply unit contained in this lamp can be replaced by qualified personnel without permanent damage to the product.
Light Source: PCB 19 LED CREE
Input: 220/240V 50/60Hz
Power: 45W
Color Tolerance: 2-SDCM / 3-SDCM
ø 212 mm
Photometrical data
Main code
Light color
B 3000 K
C 4000 K
.45 45W
AA 3.5°
Frame color
Code example

Projector with warm white light color at 3000K, 45W, 3,5° optic, ON/OFF control, frame stainless steel color


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